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A Dyno is a dynamometer, effectively a treadmill for vehicles. DynoDynamics are recognised as industry leaders in the manufacture and design of 2WD and 4WD systems. The dynodynamics dyno uses an electromagnetic force to measure power. This makes the unit smaller and more portable. It also makes the dyno able to change loads which is great for load based tuning and limits the need for a “Road Tune” as you can create real life conditions on a dyno.

DynoDynamics flexible solution enables power ratings to be increase and the option to purchase the 2WD and later upgrade to our 4WD.

Our Dyno may be installed in the ground for a permanent dyno solution, or can be installed above ground (300mm) enabling the equipment to be moved around, while also reducing the risk of accidentally standing on the rollers.

All Dynos packages come with:

Free Delivery charges to UK Premises*

Comprehensive training provided by a DynoDynamics technician post-installation

*   Additional transportation and freight insurance cost to European customers.

**  Extended warranty periods available

Freight Insurance to UK Premises*

12 month Warranty of DynoDynamics built components and manufacturer’s warranty on peripherals**



Strong and engineered to last


Remove wheel slip in power runs and steady state tuning / diagnostics is key.


The most important factor, the ability to perform 10 power runs and as long as the variables don’t change they need to be within 1BHP of each other.
NB important to remembered that increases in power should always be measured in percentages.

Knurled rollers

DynoDynamics unique square cut knurled rollers give more traction than a typical smooth type and also hollow in design meaning you can perform an emergency stop without the risk of the vehicle shooting across the room.

Heavy duty traction bar

This is one of the dynos best assets, a traction bar that straps directly to the vehicles chassis so as the vehicle tries to climb out of the rollers the traction bar pulls it harder in.

Best Value

Our Dynos are built Strong and to last , offering a cost effective way of increasing your revenues and profits

The essential kit for modern workshops


DynoDynamics Dynos are an exceptional problem solving tool when used correctly. It can be used to detect many malfunctions that can prove elusive when testing on the road. A Dyno simulates the road without the vehicle having to leave the garage. A dyno allows testing far above the legal speed limit, can simulate constant speed, road conditions and load, with no road risk.

  • Save you untold time and energy
  • Reduces the amount of external road testing
  • No risking to driving license
  • Safer for employee’s and customers cars


If you offer any aftermarket performance upgrades then a DynoDynamics Dyno is great for conducting before and after testing on aftermarket upgrades. It allows you to extract the maximum performance from a cars engine by mapping with the DynoDynamics Dyno providing the most accurate, reliable and repeatable data to its operator.

Extreme testing such as 0-60, ¼ mile and max BHP are some of the tests that can measure a vehicles power and torque.