Essential kit for the modern workshop

Core Features

Motorbike dyno

The ultimate addition to your motorbike workshop suitable for Race bikes, Off-road bikes, Agricultural bikes, Quad bikes (with optional adaptor). Measures power up to 1,600HP / measures axle torque up to 6250 Nm with 320 km/h max speed

Air Cooled Eddy Current Engine Dynamometers

DynoDynamics latest range of state of the art, class leading engine dynamometers are sure to take your business to the next level. With their simple yet ingenious design, compatibility and functionality are simply second to none.

DynoDynamics Truck Dyno

A DynoDynamics truck dyno will be able to get the maximum performance and efficiency out of your trucks. Suitable for testing Heavy duty trucks, Bogie Drive, Single axle, Light duty commercial vehicles as well as recreational vehicles, sport utility vehicles, Passenger vehicles
Capabilities: 1,800 kW max power / 66,500 Nm tractive effort / 20,000 kg axle load

A2W V2 Analogue to Digital conversion Software

Digital upgrade for analogue DynoDynamics dynamometers. Turn your analogue dyno into a digital dyno at the fraction of the cost of purchasing an entirely new system. Designed around a powerful Intel processor, the new system increases overall efficiency and performance in your tuning capabilities, lowering time, costs and increasing profits